We are conscious that every facility, industry and customer has its own preferences, needs and requirements.

We are not only a pressure vessels manufacture but also a total engineering of thermal industrial processes.

Our teamwork provides advice about the most suitable equipment

according to the requirements of each installation


Instmanfield Caldera


  • Steam generators
  • Thermal fluid generators
  • Hot water generator
  • Overheated water generators
  • Economizadores y precalentadores
  • Economizers and preheaters



Instman Field S.a. is a company that strongly supports energetic efficiency, reason why all our equipment operates at the most efficient way possible.

Our personnel give advice about the most appropriate equipment taking into account the installation characteristics. It also provides the “turn-key” installations and recommends the most suitable complements for our apparatuses and equipment so that they can operate at greatest efficiency. Some examples are: economizer installations which allow a reduction among 4 and 6% of fuel consumption, the generators by biomass, the heat recuperators in steam boilers, the air pre-heaters, the exchangers, the water treatment, the frequency converters, the condensers or the regulators.

These equipments and accessories make it possible to reduce the fuel consumption of the generators, that added to the high performance of the generators translates into a maximum fuel consumption saving. An example would be our ILN boiler model. It works at ±92% of output by itself and if we include an economize system this increments in a 5±1%,, resulting in a ±97% of total efficiency.